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Clean Bulk vs. Dirty Bulk

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For some, it’s always bulk season. Eating as much as possible to pack on L B’s to be the biggest one in the room. When bulking you’re going into a caloric surplus and for some this is much easier than for others. When bulking you have two options Clean Bulk vs. Dirty Bulk.
Dirty Bulk
When dirty bulking you are eating anything and everything. You don’t have a set diet or nutrition plan and your diet will consist of a lot of unhealthy foods. When dirty bulking you are consuming a lot of junk food, fast food, and greasy foods. Eating as much calories as possible.
I did an in between of a dirty bulk and clean bulk in college. It’s usually cheaper to dirty bulk since you can eat fast food and quickly consume a lot of calories. Being on a college budget this made sense. Although I started with a mix bulk consisting of healthy and unhealthy foods I quickly transitioned into a clean bulk.
“You can’t be afraid to get fat to get strong” is a common phrase among dirty bulkers since they usually do a 3-6-month dirty bulk where - although they are getting stronger - they are getting fat. After the dirty bulk they cut the excess fat by changing their diet plan and work out routine, so their muscles can show. But eating a surplus of all of this unhealthy food can have detrimental effects on your body.
While consuming all of these foods that have an abundance of processed carbohydrates you are affecting your blood sugar and insulin levels. The abundance of trans fats are clogging your arteries which is putting you at risk for cardiovascular health problems including heart attacks. You are also at a higher risk to develop diabetes, risk kidney failure, and stroke. Junk food is called junk food for a reason.
What made me reconsider my decision to include unhealthy foods in my bulk was a vlog I was watching on YouTube at the time about a man dirty bulking. He was eating whatever he wanted burgers, ice cream, pizza, greasy sandwiches, my favorite video was when he went to IHOP after a workout and had a very impressive amount of pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, toast, literally everything in that restaurant.
As the video series continued you can see he was getting stronger and much bigger. In one of the videos, after he was dirty bulking for a short time, he mentioned how he was getting tired faster and didn’t have enough energy to have sex. To me this seems like the beginning of a cardiovascular problem. That was enough to quickly change my mind at 21 I couldn’t risk these things, so I fully transitioned into a clean bulk.
Clean Bulk
I work out to improve my quality of life. I want to be healthier and stronger to live a long life. I’m not working out and dieting properly for short term goals I am looking at it long term. How will my actions today benefit me in 50 years? Don’t get me wrong I still want to look good in the short term, but I will not cheat my way to get those results sooner.
I love preparing, cooking, and eating food so clean bulking is an enjoyable process for me. Since you are bulking you are still consuming a surplus of calories, but these are healthy calories. You are eating lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean meat.
Clean bulking is a little harder since you have to prepare most foods yourself but in the long term it is much better for you. It is a much healthier way to gain weight, size, and strength since you aren’t poisoning your body. Since you are not getting fat you will be looking good throughout the process and if you want to cut fat for your muscles to show more it’ll be an easier and quicker process for you. I always recommend meal prepping so that you are less tempted to cheat on your diet plan.
Your diet plan is just as important as your work out. Eating healthy, organic, clean foods have tremendous advantages to your overall health and lifestyle. Although it is usually more expensive to eat right it is an investment that I believe is the best investment you can make in your life. An investment in your health should be everyone’s top priority. What’s the point of living to 80 if you are sick the last 20 years of your life because of the decisions you made throughout your life.


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