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10 Benefits of Work out and Nutrition Plans

Diet Workout

It’s always a good time to start a workout and fix your diet. It doesn’t just have to be around the spring and summer seasons. There are numerous benefits to staying and keeping in shape year-round. With the proper workout and nutrition plan you can make the process enjoyable and see a multitude of benefits. Below is just the beginning of all of the benefits to having a solid work out and nutrition plan.
Working out and eating healthy…
1. Increases happiness
People only regret not going to the gym, they never regret going to the gym. Why is that? It’s because you just completed a workout, are becoming healthier and stronger, and look better. You did something that you didn’t want to do but that needed to be done. A Penn State University study found that people who exercised had more pleasant feelings than those who didn’t. So go to the gym, go on that run, do pushups in your living room, get active! (Looking to get extra happy? Increase the intensity of your workout.)
2. Boosts brain power
Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells and improve overall brain performance. A workout can increase levels of brain derived protein (BDNF) in the body which is believed to help with decision making, higher thinking, and learning. Want to be smarter? Get a hard workout in!
3. Builds confidence
If you’re keeping up with your workout and nutrition plan odds are that you will begin seeing results after a few weeks, but you will most likely be more confident even after that first workout. Improved health leads to a better physical appearance which will make you more confident in yourself. Consistent exercise and proper nutrition will lead to much improved confidence.
4. Reduces risk of chronic disease
Regular exercise helps protect your body from all kinds of diseases and infections. Increased physical activity and proper nutrition can help reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
5. Helps with relaxation and sleep quality
The more physical activity that you partake in the more tired you will become. Ever go on a long hike or walk a lot while on vacation? How excited were you to finally get back and relax or go to sleep? You probably didn’t have any trouble falling asleep at night as a kid after running around all day. I recommend exercising in the morning or afternoon and not right before you go to bed so that you don’t have trouble falling asleep from the sudden increase in energy.
6. Reduces stress
Blow off some steam at the gym. Exercising is a common and favorite stress reliever for many people. Working up a sweat can help manage stress at home, at work, with relationships, anything that might be troubling you. So, go on that run, lift those weights, or do yard work around the house. It’ll help manage your stress.
7. Makes you look better
Eating healthy lean foods paired with a good workout plan will not only improve your well-being but also your physical appearance. Becoming leaner and stronger will make you more attractive which builds confidence and increases happiness. It’s great how this works!
8. Builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones and joints
Exercising while paired with proper protein intake helps release hormones so that your muscles absorb amino acids. This helps your muscles grow and reduce breakdown. It’s no secret that when people age they lose bone density, muscle mass and function, which can lead to injuries. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow and prevent these problems.
9. Promotes better sex life
When you exercise you are strengthening your cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation, toning muscles, and enhancing flexibility. Essentially, improved health allows you to perform better in the bedroom, on the kitchen table, laundry room, or anywhere you and your partner choose J.
10. Improves lifestyle
So, you’re telling me that if I work out and eat healthy I’ll be happier, smarter, more confident, live a healthier life, sleep better, stress less, look better, and have a better sex life? Sign me up! There are so many short and long-term benefits to consistently exercising and eating well that it’s a risk not to.

If you’re having trouble getting started with a workout routine or figuring out a diet. Sign up for our 8 Week Custom Workout and Nutrition Program. We work closely with each individual to optimize results. This is a hassle free, stress free program built to save you time. Our goal is to get you started on your journey to living a healthier more fulfilling life while educating you on the methods and tactics that we are implementing. 

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